San Diego Chain Link Fence Installation

Chain link fencing may not be the most glamorous of fences, but they are resilient, useful, and affordable. It is because of these reasons that home owners and businesses rely on San Diego chain link fence and gates to protect their property, to pen-in their pets, and to cordon-off specialized areas such as tennis or basketball courts.


Chain link fencing can be used almost anywhere: indoors, outdoors, on hillsides, in parks, in parking lots, and in almost anywhere you can think of. The woven, interlocking steel wires resist sun, heat, rain, snow, ice, and allow wind to pass through easily. In fact, chain link fencing is sometimes called hurricane fencing or cyclone fencing because it can withstand intense winds. This type of fencing is also called diamond-mesh fencing because of the zig-zag diamond pattern made by the woven wires.

Most people are not aware that chain link fencing can be made with wires of different colors and different diameters. If necessary, barbed wires or spikes can be added at the top of the fence to deter intruders. Alternatively, the fence top can be covered with a cap or foam padding to soften the edges and and prevent snags.  These features allow you to choose the fencing material based on the primary purpose of the fence.

Easy to Maintain & Repair

Chain link fences are readily available in almost all hardware stores. They come in rolls of different heights so there’s no need to special order them. Chain link fencing require almost no upkeep after they have been installed. If a part of the fence is damaged, it can be removed and a new section is used to replace the broken segment.

If you need a new chain link fence, or need repairs to be made, please contact us online or call us by phone (619) 599-3131 to inquire about our San Diego chain link fence services. We have been installing fences since 2010.

san diego chain link fenceChain link fencing resists wind, rain, snow, sun, and heat.

san diego chain link fenceChain link fencing can be stalled almost anywhere.

san diego chain link fenceChain link fencing comes in different colors and mesh gauges.